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M2 Gauge Face Installation Guide
Tools and materials needed:
* Philips screw driver and small-sized Philips screw driver * flat-bladed screwdriver and soft cloth * nipper ( to remove partitions around the indicators as Air Bag light etc. if needed) * red marker pen or paint ( to repaint a needle)
You don't have to remove your steering wheel. Sketch the all of needle positions with idling your engine before you start the installation process below. This sketch will help you to remind the positions of needles after the new AWD gauge installation.

Remove three screws under your steering column cover, then take the upper portion of the column cover.There are a hook each side of under the hood( no screws). Disconnect the hooks using a flat-bladed screwdriver, pull the hood toward you. Remove the four screws( each corner) and disconnect four connectors behind the gauge case. ( pulling connectors with pushing hooks)

The following process is desk work.

Remove all gauges. Remove needles. Pull the needle at right angles to the gauge. If stick firmly, using a flat-bladed screwdriver covered with soft cloth to twist into the gap of a needle and a gauge will let you revome the needle easily. Remove all small black screws( both side of the needle).

Remove partitions around indicators. About Needle position is vertical.
(If your new gauge needle start position is normal, you do not need to remove any of the partition material.)
If your new gauge needle start position is vertical like version CRW, you should remove the small plastic partitions around the indicators at the bottom of the rpm counter and speed counter. It you do not, the bottom of the tachometer will not be lighted. Use a small nipper to clip and remove the partition material.

Install the new gauge. If your needle is white, to paint it red is helpful to make you feel a sports-car owner( using a red marker pen or a paint for a plastic model toy). To paint bulbs of odometer will light up the gauge amber.
Set the needle of speedometer. The default position is marked around right-under the zero MPH. Put the needle to fit the top of needle on the mark.
Glue needle stoppers for speedometer and tachometer. Move the needle of a speedometer forward about 30MPH and attach a needle stopper on ZERO-MPH position ( BE CAREFUL not too much glue). After a few minutes, return the needle to the zero position.About tachometer, just put a needle stopper on the zero position. At this time, do not put the needle on it. The needle will be put after the gauge case is attached on your miata.

Replace the light bulbsTurn a blue socket behind the gauge case and remove it.Replace the bulb cover from an original green one to a red one.Now, the desk work is finished.

Set the needles except speedometer and adjust them. Reinstall the gauge case to your miata. After the idling your engine for a few minutes, put each needle for small gauges on the appropriate positions lightly, adjust it and push it hard (but not too hard).Set the needle of tachometer on about 850RPM( idling position). After setting all needles, take a drive about your garage to check all needles work properly ( you should check the steering column still separated doesn't bother your steering before you start a short drive).Everything works fine, reinstall all parts ( such as hood cover and steering upper column cover).
Enjoy your new AWD gauge!